A Church Built on
Unwavering Faith

St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Allston, MA was founded in the year of our Lord in 1885.
Our church did not have much, but the wonderful faith of our members kept us alive and healthy.

Our clergy was also a source of great inspiration for us. We have experienced depression, setbacks, and strife. There were difficult moments, even times when we fought for our lives. But with God on our side, nothing was impossible. Through Him, we gained strength and confidence to face our battles head-on.

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Times have changed we all know, things will never be the same, But we all point with pride to St. Anthony's name. Why not all get together, be a parish again, and keep our beloved church in our own 'Hall of Fame'.

– Mary Codair

Let God Work in Your Life

Are you ready to heed to the call of God? Take part in our homily today. Our brothers and sisters at St. Anthony of Padua Parish are here to help you get to know God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.